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The United States is a land of great opportunities.

Serving all Bay Area counties including Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Solano, Marin, San Mateo, Napa, Santa Clara, and Sonoma, as well as Sacramento, the Central Valley, and the Central Coast. Furthermore, through dynamic technology, we can now assist clients anywhere in the world using phone, internet, email, and video chat.

We can assist immigrants in Russian, Portuguese, Guatemalan Indigenous languages such as Mam and Quiche (K’iche), Mongolian, Arabic, and other languages on request.

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Bankston Immigration Law Office

Our Vision

Since its founding, people have come from every nation in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Having immigration status is essential to fully realizing the American dream and taking advantage of all this land has to offer.


Bankston Immigration Law Office assists its clients in seeking and maintaining immigration status in the very complicated American immigration system. We believe in providing professional and quality service in a warm atmosphere.


We strive to make our office a safe place in which our clients are comfortable seeking sensitive legal advice and vital assistance. 

Our Clients

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At Bankston Immigration, we have many types of clients.  As a full-service immigration firm, we work with individuals and businesses from many backgrounds and with diverse needs.

Here are some examples of the types of clients we assist here:

  • A woman that was abused severely in her home country by a domestic partner and fears to return because of this abuser.

  • An entrepreneur who has dreamed to start his company in the United States and is ready to take the jump.

  • A vulnerable immigrant that was robbed at gunpoint.

  • A company that desires to hire highly-trained professionals from abroad.

  • A person who was arrested and is now in immigration proceedings.

  • An American citizen who has met the love of his life and wants to bring his bride-to-be to the U.S.

  • A gay Mexican who cannot bear to return to Mexico because of the harm he would suffer there.

  • An American citizen who wants to help her spouse and parents to gain legal status in the United States.

  • A permanent resident who is ready to study hard and become a citizen.

We also value our relationships with social workers, non-profits, law enforcement agencies, accountants, and attorneys in other practice areas.  Our team believes in working collaboratively to meet the needs of our clients.

Client Testimonies

“I’m very grateful in the way Bankston Immigration handled my case. I highly recommend them because they offer a payment plan, give great legal advice as well as fast service. I felt great working with them that I will be returning to them to work on my citizenship application. Thank you very much and I hope you continue to help those in need, as well as for those who have no knowledge as to how every case works.”- M.B.P

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Low Monthly Payments Available

We assist many victims of crime, victims of domestic violence, individuals fleeing persecution, indigenous Guatemalans, and gay and transgender individuals.

Many of the clients that we help in the humanitarian immigration practice area have limited resources.  Some are unable to receive help from the non-profit organizations in our area for various reasons.  However, they cannot afford standard legal fees from private attorneys.

We have developed a service model that we hope bridges the gap between non-profit legal aid and private attorneys.  We offer smaller down payments and ask for the remainder of the balance to be paid in small monthly payments.  We also strive to keep our legal fees in this area as low as possible while still maintaining the highest quality of service.

If you are a non-profit organization and are unable to assist all of the immigrants that come to you for aid, please contact us to find out more about our pricing and payment plans.  The majority of our team comes from a non-profit background and we share your goal in assisting vulnerable communities. We can be a resource to you if you need a reliable low-fee law firm to which to refer individuals seeking help.

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